Friday, July 27, 2012

Up in Smoke: Woman Accidentally Bakes Life Savings

An Australian man wishes he had selected a better hiding place for his life savings after his wife accidentally baked the bills in the oven—where he had hidden some $15,000 for safe keeping.

The unidentified Sydney man stashed the money—which he had made from the sale of his Toyota Supra sports car—in the oven of his home, because his wife was not prone to cooking or baking. As luck would have it, only a few days after the sudden cash windfall, his wife decided that she would try her hand at baking, preheating the oven to cook up some chicken nuggets for the couple's two daughters.

Needless to say, all of the cash went up in smoke, literally. The man's wife found it difficult to tell him what had happened to the cash, which had melted away into tiny, colorful cubes. The man was naturally distraught about the situation. "It was everything I had. I've got nothing to my name. That money was supposed to go towards my mortgage," he lamented to local media.

The man took the money to the local branch of his bank, but they refused to reimburse him for the burned notes. The couple might have some recourse, as the Australian Reserve Bank does have specific guidelines about refunding damaged monetary bills, which may offer partial restitution for their losses.

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