Sunday, July 1, 2012

Land of the Lost: Police Search for Missing Dinosaur

If you are driving near Missoula, Montana, and you happen to notice a 12-foot-long dinosaur moping around, police ask that you not panic and to notify them of its whereabouts.
Seems some prankster thieves made off with the giant fiberglass dinosaur that had been located outside of the Hi-Noon Petroleum gas station in Missoula. Nicknamed "Dino"—after The Flintstone's loveable "mongrel"—the large statue had been the unofficial mascot for the filling station. Now, the station's owners are offering a $250 gas card for information leading to his safe return.

Dino is pretty hard to miss. He stands over six feet tall, is twelve-feet long and is a bright shade of green. He's believed to be a brontosaurus, but there has been no confirmation from a dinosaur expert regarding what type of dinosaur the statue actually is.

Dino had been situated on a hill overlooking Interstate 90 for the past five years, occasionally making appearances in University of Montana Homecoming parades. Passing tourists would often stop and take photographs of the dinosaur.

Anyone with any information regarding the missing dinosaur may contact the Hi-Noon Petroleum station or the Missoula police department.

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