Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Less Cow Bell: Austrian Town Bans Cow Bells

Less cow bell, a judge in a small Austrian hamlet has decreed.

Although a common sound around the Alps, it seems that the constant ringing of cow bells in the tiny village of Stallhofen was keeping certain citizens from getting a good night's rest. Now, a court has ordered a farmer in the town to remove the clanging apparatus from his herd of cattle.

As of now, the farmer has refused to comply with the court order, claiming the ringing of cow bells is a time-honored tradition in the region that has endured for many centuries, which brings in tourists from all around the world. The cows had been free to roam the hilly countryside, but apparently the cow bells began clanging very loudly at a feeding and watering trough the farmer had installed.

Cowbells were originally used to help trace errant animals and to make it easier for the cows to stay close to each other in mountain pastures. The farmer faces a steep fine if he does not comply with the court order.

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