Thursday, April 12, 2012

Appetite for Destruction: Axl Rose Says No Thanks to R&R Hall of Fame

Rocker Axl Rose proved that he is still a legendary pain-in-the-ass after all these years by refusing to accept an invitation to be inducted into Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

The 50-year-old front-man of the rock band Guns 'N Roses wrote a long, rambling letter to the Hall of Fame, detailing why he was refusing the nomination, considered by most in the industry to be the highest honor in the musical realm.

Apparently, Rose doesn't feel the love from the academy and claims in his rejection letter that he is neither "wanted or respected" at this year's induction ceremony. He also states that he will not be attending the ceremony and does not wish to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in absentia, and does not grant anyone the right to accept the invitation or speak on his behalf at the ceremony, scheduled for later this year.

Rose rose to great fame in the late-80s and early-90s, fueled by such classic rock hits as "Sweet Child o' Mine" and "Paradise City". Rose's volatile and often unpredictable behavior over the years ultimately lead to the demise in popularity of the iconic rock band and he has faded into near obscurity in recent years.

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