Monday, April 16, 2012

New Chocolate Printing Press Makes Delectable Designs

The spirit of Willy Wonka is obviously alive and well, as a company in the UK has designed a printer that can make beautiful, edible designs out of chocolate!

The geniuses at Choc Edge, Ltd.  have produced the first-ever choco-matic printer, capable of creating fanciful, 3D designs from scrumptious chocolate sauce. The clever device uses a motorized syringe filled with chocolate to draw on a canvas. The high-precision nozzle can produce chocolate-drizzled graphic designs at the astonishing rate of 2,000 millimeters a minute. The user can program the design desired by using an open source 3D printing program that is included with the printer.

The delightfully delectable printer has been in the works for a number of years, and the manufacturer is now taking pre-orders for the device, which will set you back a cool $4000. Included in that cost is a supply of the necessary chocolate sauce, provided the buyer can stop themselves from opening up a cartridge and just gobbling up all the "ink"!

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