Sunday, April 29, 2012

German Court to Artist: Killing Puppies Onstage Is NOT Considered Art

A court in Berlin, Germany, has warned an artist planning to strangle two puppies live onstage that laws definitely prohibit anyone from killing animals for the purpose of entertainment!

The German artist had planned to stage his play, titled Death as Metamorphosis, at a small theater in the Spandau district of Berlin, as a way to highlight the unfortunate plight of sled dogs in Alaska, who are often killed once they can no longer compete in races.

Accompanied by funeral music and an ominous-sounding gong, the artist had planned to strangle two innocent puppies with cable ties after a brief meditation. Fortunately, a Berlin administrative court stopped the show from going ahead as planned on Friday, saying that animal protection laws in the country forbid an animal from being harmed or killed during a performance meant for entertainment. Who would find something so disturbing "entertainment" is another matter entirely...

All of this comes the same week as a group of students at Berlin's University of the Arts threatened to guillotine a sheep live on camera, depending on the results of an online vote. The students claimed the project was meant to stimulate debate on humanity and democracy. According to Berlin's Tagesspiegel newspaper, the website registered 120,000 "Yes" votes approving the killing of the animal and 190,000 "No" votes in only six days.

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