Friday, April 6, 2012

No Rude Behavior: Spanish Town Bans Public Burping, Passing Gas & Slurping

A village in Spain has adopted strict new ordinances designed to make bad and rude behavior illegal!

The town of La Toba, seventy miles north of the Spanish capital Madrid, has ratified the new charter that would make public behavior such as passing gas, belching or slurping your drink or soup in a restaurant against the law.

Other public no-no's include touching your genitals in public, adjusting your underwear, picking your nose and sneezing or yawning without covering your mouth. Children could also find themselves in trouble with the law for not visiting their grandparents. 

La Toba's mayor,  Julian Atienza Garcia, of Spain's United Left Party, drew up the new charter, which has been approved by the local council, in order to combat the disappearance of public civility and common courtesy. "It is a compendium of basic rules of politeness that are being lost and should not be forgotten," Garcia told UK newspaper The Sun

Not everyone in the town agrees with the new charter and its restrictive guidelines. Some villagers have called for Garcia's resignation as mayor after the charter was published in the local newspaper. One more vocal critic went online to say that the next step in such a charter was "to insert microchips in everyone's brains to control them." 

However, breaking the rules at present will not be punishable and will strictly be frowned upon, unless someone else decides to change the charter...again...

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