Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nutella Settles Law Suit, Admits Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread Isn't "Healthy"

Ferrero Chocolates, the makers of that oh-so-delicious chocolate/hazelnut spread known as Nutella, have settled a law suit filed against the company for $2.5 million.

The law suit was brought against the Italian-based company by a mother in California who was mortified to see that Nutella was being advertised as a healthy food choice for American children. The company, however, does stand by the nutritious quality of their product and the way in which it was advertised as a healthier choice over other calorie and fat-laden snacks.

The money won in the class-action law suit will be distributed between anyone who purchased a jar of the yummy scrumptious treat between August 2009 and January of this year. Any consumers interested in receiving a reimbursement for purchasing the product after mistakenly believing it was incredibly healthy and beneficial  may fill out a form online here.   Customers may be reimbursed up to $20, depending on just how many health conscious consumers file for the refund.

Ferrero states that they will now place the fat, calorie and cholesterol information more plainly on the label for all consumers to read and make a personal decision whether their product is "healthy" or not.

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