Monday, April 30, 2012

Hundreds of Pelicans Wash Up Dead on Beach in Peru

Scientists in Peru are desperately scrambling to figure out just exactly what is causing thousands of animals to wash up dead on beaches in the South American nation.

The latest incident took place over the weekend, when beach-goers were horrified to discover at least 500  dead pelicans strewn along a forty-mile stretch of beach. This is only a few weeks after hundreds of dead dolphins were found along the exact same area. In addition to the dolphin and pelican deaths, 54 boobies, five sea lions, and several sea turtles have been found dead or dying in the region over the past several weeks.

An official spokesperson for the Peruvian government stated that governmental organizations are "deeply worried" about what is causing the horrifying mass animal deaths in their nation and promises to use all resources available to discover the cause of the devastation.

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