Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yes, You Really Want to Hurt Me: Boy George Posts Pics of Black Eye

A woman outside of a club answered Boy George & Culture Club's ultimate 80s question "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" with a resounding YES!!!

It seems that an ardent (perhaps inebriated) fan of Boy George (aka George O'Dowd) took a fancy to a hat that the gender-bending pop superstar wore to a deejay gig at a club in North Yorkshire, UK, over the weekend. When  Lady CooCoo tried to grab the chapeau from the Boy's head, she accidentally on purpose punched him in the eye!

Lady CooCoo was quickly ejected from the club, but the Boy was sporting a shiner from the overly agressive fan. O'Dowd, 50, tweeted a pic of his swollen eye with the caption "Looking pretty after getting assaulted on Saturday night!"

As the lead singer of the popular band The Culture Club throughout the 80s, O'Dowd racked up an impressive list of Number One songs around the world, selling millions of albums. He now tours primarily as a club deejay, performing at the world's most popular nightspots.


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