Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whoops! Photographers Break Priceless Ancient Artifact

Photographers in New York City accidentally dropped a priceless 2,600-year-old terracotta statue, shattering the ancient artifact!

According to a law suit filed in New York Supreme Court, Corice Amran is suing Louise Blouin Media photographers after they requested to shoot the Nigerian Nok statue for an edition of Art + Auction magazine. The trouble began when the shutterbugs decided to move the ancient statue to the opposite side of the art gallery, allegedly because the light was better for a photograph. During the move, the statue was dropped onto the floor of the studio, shattering it into many pieces!

"During the photographers' move of the Nok figure, the Nok figure fell onto the floor and was smashed into a myriad of pieces, it cannot be restored and is a total loss," the complaint states. Lawyers for the prosecution showed photographs of the shattered sculpture in court.  "As the result of defendant's negligence, the 2,630-year-old Nok figure owned by plaintiff was destroyed," the complaint continues.

Amran seeks $300,000 in compensatory damages for negligence in the destruction of the irreplaceable statue.

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