Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dangerous Tornadoes Bring Chaos & Destruction to Dallas

Destructive, highly-dangerous tornadoes have cut a wide swathe of destruction across the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area this afternoon, the National Weather Service is reporting.

At least two massive tornadoes have been reported, sweeping across the highly-populated area, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. Local media is reporting that there is  "considerable damage" to the town of Cleburne, just to the south of Fort Worth, and Lancaster, south of Dallas.

Hundreds of flights out of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport have been cancelled or delayed. News footage out of the area show large tractor/trailer rigs being tossed at least one hundred feet into the air like toys. Hail, larger than baseballs, has also been reported. Reports of severe damage are also coming out of the Six Flags amusement park in Arlington.

Tens of thousands of homes are without power this evening as rescue crews search areas severely damaged by the ferocious twisters.

Forecasters predicted severe weather for that region earlier on Tuesday, but the area was unprepared for the intensity and severity of the storms as they struck, even as the National Weather Service tested new emergency alerts, using more graphic language to catch the attention of citizens in order to save their lives. The new alerts will now use strong language such as "this storm is not survivable unless you take shelter immediately" or "this storm has the power to leave your neighborhood unrecognizable to you".

As of now, no deaths are being reported, but this is subject to change. 

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