Monday, April 2, 2012

"Unbelievable" Large Meteor Witnessed by Thousands in New Zealand

A large, bright massive meteor was observed by thousands of people throughout New Zealand.

The enormous object left a long trail as it blazed its way through the skies between the New Zealand cities of Christchurch and Wellington in the early evening hours. Emergency services were quickly inundated with thousands of calls as people telephoned to report sighting the meteor. Sightings of the object came from all corners of the country.

Several residents reported hearing an extremely loud boom followed by shaking ground as the object snaked its way through the sky. One witness reported seeing an "unbelievable'' green, orange and white ball flying past at "super speed'', leaving behind an enormous smoke trail that lasted for nearly 10 minutes in the sky before completely dissipating. Others reported that the meteor moved in a zigzag pattern, rather than a straight line, while others described how it changed colors several times, from yellow to red to a glowing bright white.

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