Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Masked "Bandits" Close Florida Park

"Masked bandits" have forced the closing of a Florida park after two separate raccoon attacks put park rangers on notice!

Officials were forced to close Kiwanis Island Park in Merritt Island, Florida, after two separate incidents involving the masked creatures attacking humans took place in the span of less than a week. Park officials decided to close the park due to the attacks, after a woman was bitten by a raccoon on Wednesday of last week and a mother and child were attacked on Saturday.

Animal services were able to safely trap two raccoons on Sunday, and the animals were relocated to a more rural area. It is not known at this time what prompted the incidents between the raccoons and park patrons, said Parks and Recreation Director Jack Masson. The decision was then made to close the park until officials could be certain that there were no more "bandits" lurking about, waiting to attack unsuspecting park-goers. 


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