Monday, April 9, 2012

In the News: Greek Protestors Pelt News Anchor with Eggs & Yogurt on Live TV

Protestors in Greece rushed a television station in Athens, pelting a news anchor with eggs and yogurt, all on live television!

The Mediterranean country has been caught up in nationwide, often violent protests for over a year, as Greece battles with a soaring debt crisis that threatens the stability of the Euro Zone and the world economy. Tough austerity measures have created massive civil unrest, with protestors and rioters clashing with police and military on almost a daily basis.

The crisis hit a low-point last week after a 77-year-old Greek pensioner committed suicide outside of the Greek Parliament building, leaving a note behind stating he would rather die than to scavenge for food in the streets like a peasant. The suicide re-ignited the flames of protest against the government.

Protestors apparently gained entry into a television studio where news anchor Panagiotis Bourchas was conducted a live on-air interview. The interview grinds to a sudden halt when a woman off-camera can be heard shouting. Suddenly, a volley of eggs and yogurt can be seen flying through the air, making a direct hit on Bourchas, as his guest dashes off-stage, unscathed. The news anchor is pelted with more food, as his attackers chant anti-fascist slogans. After the protestors run out of things to throw, Bourchas quietly removes his ear piece, picks up his yogurt-splattered laptop and trudges off-camera, as the station puts up a title card on-screen.

It is believed the attack was motivated after Bourchas hosted a show featuring a spokesman from the neo-Nazi political organization Golden Dawn.

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