Monday, April 16, 2012

Cannibal Holocaust: Horrifying Details in Brazilian Cannibal Nightmare


Three suspected cannibals have been arrested by Brazilian police on suspicion of having murdered and eaten at least two women who they may have turned into pastries, which they in turn gave to unsuspecting neighbors to eat. 

Jorge Beltrao Negromonte and Elizabeth Pires da Silveira, both 51, and Bruna da Silva of Guaranhuns, Brazil, have been arrested, charged with luring young women into their home with job offers to be a live-in nanny, killing them and then consuming their flesh in what they called a "purification ceremony". It is also alleged that they used the flesh of their victims to make stuffed-meat pastries known as empanadas, which they sold to neighbors, schools as well as to hospitals. 

Police discovered two bodies in the garden of the house of the trio, which authorities believe may be the bodies of Alexandra Falcao, 20 and Gisele da Silva, 30, both of whom disappeared recently. The cannibalistic trio confessed that their intentions were to kill and consume at least three women a year to continue the "purification" process. 

Police also discovered a gruesome "diary" of sorts in the house of horrors written by Negromante, which detailed the trio's heinously vile plans. 




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