Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All The President's Blood: Vial Containing Ronald Reagan's Blood for Sale

A five-inch vial that once contained a blood sample of former US President Ronald Reagan is set to hit the auction block, and the bidding is already up to over $5000!

The sample was taken from Reagan at the George Washington University Hospital after an assassination attempt by disturbed Jodie Foster fan John Hinkley, Jr. in 1981. According to online auction site PFC, the vial still contains “dried blood residue from President Reagan" with the president's DNA. Accompanying the vial in the sale is lab work papers from the hospital as part of the item's provenance.

The sample belonged at one time to a relative of the laboratory technician who analyzed the blood after the assassination attempt. The mysterious owner of the vial held onto it over the decades and recently informed officials at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California of its existence.

The owner of the vial eventually received permission to sell the blood vial after the National Archives declined to purchase the sample. Bids will be accepted on the item through this Thursday.

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