Friday, May 18, 2012

Sucker Punched: Will Smith Backhands Smooching Reporter

Superstar Will Smith, normally the picture of cool and calm, got a little riled up after a male reporter tried to lay a wet one on the actor's lips!

The former Fresh Prince was in Moscow promoting his new film Men in Black III and being his normal, outgoing self while sailing smoothly down the red carpet. Suddenly, he encounters a Ukrainian "gonzo" reporter, who apparently has made a name for himself by trying to slip the tongue to anyone he happens to interview.

Needless to say, Will lost his cool, shoved Mr. Frenchy aside and gave him an Ali-inspired backhand across his face, saying, “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.”

Smith continued to make his way down the red carpet, but apologized to his fans for the angry outburst. The reporter should have known he would not receive any lovin' Big Willy style. Smith made headlines in 1993 when he balked at filming a gay-kissing scene with actor Anthony Michael Hall in his first big screen film, Six Degrees of Separation. 

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