Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Update: NASA Scientist Warns Bangkok, Thailand Must Be Relocated

This is an update on an exclusive report from earlier this year.

Stunning new photographs coming out of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, are showing the full scope of the land subsidence that respected NASA scientist Dr Art-Ong Jumsai na Ayudhya warned about earlier this year.

Ayudhya made the startling revelation at a conference on climate change and rising sea levels in February, claiming that Bangkok, a city of over eleven million people, would need to be relocated to a safer, more inland location within the next decade, as land subsidence and rising sea levels would place the thriving metropolis in grave danger.

A series of devastating and long-lasting floods have gripped the city and country over the past several years, forcing the relocation of untold thousands of people as well as businesses and industry.

New photographs show large stretches of road and land collapsing throughout Bangkok and other areas in Thailand.

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