Sunday, May 13, 2012

Attached: Man Implants Magnets Beneath Skin to Hold iPod in Place

A New Jersey man is really attached to his iPod...after having magnets implanted beneath his skin to hold the portable contraption in place!

Tattoo artist Dave Hurban documented his body modification process in a video that has become a viral hit on YouTube, with more than half a million views. The video, which Hurban has titled "iDermal", shows the 21-year-old making holes in his left wrist and inserting four small magnets known as micro-dermal anchors beneath his flesh.

After the self-inflicted procedure, he merrily attached the iPod to his wrist, with the magnets holding the device firmly in place. Hurban originally conceived the idea for the skin-crawling magnets after finding it difficult to strap his iPod in place to listen to his favorite tunes while jogging.

Hurban claims that the procedure, which took approximately 30 minutes to complete and was done without any anesthesia, was not as painful as perhaps it looks on video. "It definitely is not the worst piercing I've ever done to myself," he stated, without going into further detail.

This could definitely be the wave of the future. In March, telecom giant Nokia issued a patent for a "vibrating tattoo" that would inform a person they had received a telephone call or text message. 

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