Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day of the Dead: Canada Prepares Citizens for Zombie Apocalypse

British Columbia is helping citizens of the Canadian province prepare for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse with a clever new instructional video regarding Zombie Preparedness Week 2012.

Actually, the video is a message that everyone needs to be prepared for any type of emergency, from killer storms, flash floods or earthquakes and tsunamis. In the computer animated video, a bloody-face, flesh-eating Zombie is threatening to eat the brains of a little girl (after he already gobbled down the brains of the girl's unprepared neighbors.)

The brave little girl is not worried about the cannibalistic zombie, however, as her family has prepared for any contingency. She calmly informs the brain-eater that to prepare for a disaster you should:

Know the Risks.
Create a plan.
Prepare an emergency kit.

The video out of British Columbia follows an equally eerie warning from the Center for Disease Control in the United States last year, which warned American citizens to prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse  as well.

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