Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ooh La La: Ford Introduces New Car Scented Eau de Parfum

Automobile manufacturer Ford has introduced a new eau de parfum in Spain that is sure to excite fans of vehicular romance!

The new fragrance called Olor Nuevo (New Scent in Spanish) promises to deliver a long-lasting "showroom fresh" scent to your automobile...or to your body, should you so desire to smell like a brand spanking new car, just in case you are romancing a Formula One race car driver (or maybe a taxi cab driver!).

The scent was introduced by perfume design house Ogilvy Madrid to promote Ford's line of better-quality used cars Selección. It is promoting the new range on the promise that these are "the only used cars that smell new." The idea behind the fragrance is that when it is spritzed on the interior of used cars it will make them smell showroom fresh, eliminating that odd, musty scent often associated with purchasing a used car. (Of course, you could probably go to a local car wash and purchase one of those new car scent deodorizers that you hang from your rear view mirror for far less money...)


  1. Perfect scent is always acceptable due to it gives us refresh. The recent innovation is (Car Scented) "Eau de Parfum" by Ford Company. Really it is nice and acceptable addition.

  2. Lovely information on car. I appreciate with the information which is true to the best of my knowledge


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