Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tweet Tweet: Pakistan Silences Twitter

Pakistan has officially blocked micro-blogging social media site Twitter, according to Al-Jazeera's news feed.

Government officials took the site offline to Pakistani citizens after it refused to remove "materials offensive to Islam". The hard line move came after a Facebook competition began to post images of the Prophet Muhammad, which is considered an act of blasphemy to many Muslims.

The chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication's Authority, Mohammad Yaseen, stated that Facebook agreed to withdraw the offending images from its site, but they were unable to reach an agreement with Twitter.

"The ministry officials are still trying to make them [Twitter] agree, and once they remove that stuff, the site will be unblocked," Yaseen told Al-Jazeera News.

In 2010, the Pakistan government blocked Facebook for about two weeks due to a similar competition.

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