Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Party in His Pants: Man Arrested After Meth Lab Explodes in His Pants

An Oklahoma man was arrested this week for taking the party on the road when his portable meth lab exploded...inside his pants!

After police pulled over a vehicle for speeding, they also quickly noticed a strong chemical odor associated with the production of methamphetamine.  David Williams, a passenger in the vehicle, jumped out and tried to run from the officers. The police officers quickly caught up with Williams, but the mini-meth lab that he had shoved down his pants went kaboom during the scuffle to apprehend the suspect.

Police had to cordon off part of the street where the incident took place due to the hazardous chemical agents used in creating the highly-dangerous and addictive drug. Although an area of flesh on the suspect's leg had been exposed to the chemicals in the toxic brew, he was uninjured in the mini-blast.

He was arrested on a complaint of manufacturing a controlled and dangerous substance and resisting arrest.


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