Sunday, May 27, 2012

Move Over, Tang: New NASA Space Drink Could be Fountain of Youth

A new "space wine" developed by NASA scientists to help protect astronauts from the dangerous free radical radiation of space just might be the much-coveted Fountain of Youth, experts say.

The anti-oxidant rich drink called AS-10 was initially created as a nutritional supplement for astronauts to help protect them from the damaging effects of high levels of radiation outside the Earth’s atmosphere. The exclusive potion contains a blend of fruits including cupuacu (a Brazilian fruit from the cacao plant family), acai, acerola, prickly pear and yumberry, which all provide vitamins and phytochemicals – compounds known to counter the harmful effects of radiation.  The blend also contains grape, green tea, pomegranate and vegetables. 

A happy side effect of drinking the space juice appears to be improvement in facial wrinkling and sun damaged skin. Users have reported a noticeable improvement in the texture of their skin while consuming the unique product, and tests show a marked reduction in sun damage on the faces of people using the formula. 

It is believed AS10 improves the condition of wrinkled, aging skin because its large quantities of antioxidants ward off oxidative stress, allowing the skin to naturally heal itself. Antioxidants attach themselves to damaging free radicals and help to neutralize them before they cause damage to the skin's surface.

AS10 is distributed by AmeriScience labs and can be purchased online here.


  1. Hi Miguel, Excellent write up about AS10 and its amazing benefits. thanks for putting a link to our site on your post, We really appreciate it.

  2. You are very welcome! I'm going to have to head to your site and purchase a bottle of this miracle potion myself! Great success to you!


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