Monday, May 14, 2012

Potty Break: 3-Year-Old Genius Proves She's Still Just a Kid on Live TV

3-year-old Emmelyn Roetteger might be the youngest member of the international genius club MENSA, but the adorable, super-intelligent tyke just wants everyone to know she's still a precocious little kid at heart.

With an IQ tested at 135, adorable Emmelyn and her parents were invited to be guests on last Friday's Today show in New York City. Reporter Natalie Morales was given the task of interviewing the little genius along with her parents, Michelle and Glen.

The interview starts off well enough, with Morales asking Emmelyn about insects and the intricacies of our solar system, but little Emme is more interested in mugging it up and waving at the camera while watching herself on the studio monitors. Exactly like any other 3-year-old would do.

Finally, Emmelyn grows weary of all the attention, announcing that her "tummy hurts" and that she "has to poop". As Morales continues to interview the parents and ignoring Emmelyn's pleas for a potty break. Yeah, you always want to ignore a three-year-old when they announce they have to go potty. That always ends well...

You can watch cutie-pie Emmelyn and her potty break tantrum in the hilarious video below:

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