Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Sex! Dr. Ruth Debuts New Wine

Feisty, famed sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer is hoping to improve the love lives of amorous couples debuting a new line of fine wine.

The tiny 84-year-old television personality finally agreed to endorse the new wine, called Dr. Ruth's Vin D'Amour (Love Wine), after years of saying Nein to product endorsement. Over the years, German-born Westheimer has been asked to endorse everything from panties to popcorn, but nothing made her eyes have that sparkle until the offer to be a celebrity wine endorser came along.

Dr. Ruth believes that a glass of vino can help partners loosen up and feel less inhibited, which could lead to greater sexual satisfaction. “I’m always saying couples should drink to relax, but not too much,” she says, adding that “if the woman drinks too much, she falls asleep and if the man drinks too much, he can’t perform.”

Westheimer's vintage will feature her adorable likeness on the label. All of this is part of a career Renaissance for the Holocaust survivor, who has published a new book, Sexually Speaking, is the subject of a new BBC documentary, and is also the topic of a new play, "Dr. Ruth: All the Way".

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