Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Dog Days Are Over: Clean Up Your Dog's Poo, Get Free WiFi

Mexico City park services have started an ambitious new plan to get dog owners to clean up after their pets by offering them free Wi-Fi!

It would seem that people have not been doing that good of a job cleaning up the tootsie rolls and pooch piles left behind in public parks. Mexican Internet provider Terra has teamed up with local advertising agency DDB to offer free Wi-Fi in 10 public parks located around Mexico City in an attempt to get pet owners to clean up after their doggie's messes.

Pet owners who deposit the poo into special receptacles located throughout the selected parks will be rewarded with free Wi-Fi minutes, broadcast through unique routers shaped like doggy bones. A heavier load means more minutes, so you will be a bit luckier if you take a lumbering Great Dane to the park rather than a diminutive chihuahua.

But don't try to be a wise acre by trying to add rocks to the poo to make it heavier: the parks plan to hire poo monitors who will check the excrement for any extraneous materials! You can watch the insane video promoting the new policy below:

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