Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Black Spot on the Earth Today: Satellite Captures Eclipse Crossing Earth

A Japanese weather satellite captured a beautiful shot of last week's spectacular annular solar eclipse, as the natural wonder cast a shadow upon the Earth!

The MTSAT satellite managed to take the amazing photograph as the May 20th eclipse moved across the globe. Known as the "Ring of Fire" eclipse because of the visible fiery corona of the sun, the eclipse was witnessed across large parts of the United States as well as parts of Asia, including Japan and China.

The stunning photograph shows a relatively small but perfectly round black spot eerily making its way across the surface of the Earth. The annular eclipse is one of the rarest of solar occurrences. Millions of people in the path of the eclipse arranged special viewing parties to celebrate the incredible event.

Next up on the celestial event calendar: The even-rarer Transit of Venus, which will take place on June 5. 

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