Sunday, May 13, 2012

Overdue: Police Visit 4-Year-Old For Overdue Library Books

A four-year-old in Pennsylvania received a frightening life lesson when the terrified tyke was visited by cops regarding some overdue library books.

Katelyn Jageman’s books were due back to the Freeport Area Library on Oct. 19, 2011, but as of this past week, the books had not been returned. Library officials, who had tried to contact Katelyn's family regarding the books without success, then turned the matter over to the local police department.

“It’s a rare incident, but it does occur,” said Donna Michael, President of the Freeport Area Library Board. After a series of phone calls and letters were issued to the family with no response, Michael admits she contacted the local authorities regarding the matter.

The library does not receive federal funding and must rely on paid memberships, donations, and fees in order to survive. Little Katelyn's overdue fees for the books adds up to a rather steep $81.60. The fee must be paid before Jageman's library privileges can be restored.

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