Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not Exactly Melrose Place: Apartment Complex Testing Dog Doo DNA

An apartment complex in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is using dog doo DNA to find out which pooch is leaving tootsie rolls on the complex grounds without the owner's cleaning it up!

In a page right out of CSI, Rosedale Estates North is employing the doo-doo DNA technique to catch the offending renters and fining them a rather hefty $100 for the first offense. The second offense comes with a $100 fine as well, and the dog will then be banned from the complex.

As part of the lease agreement residents sign, DNA swabs are taken from a pet’s mouth and sent to the Bio Pets lab, where the specimen is kept on file. Should a pet owner not pick up after their dog, workers at the complex "harvest" the sample and send the offending fecal matter to the lab for analysis.

Rosedale Estates recently had their first offense. Complex officials have a suspect in mind, and the sample has been sent off for testing. A majority of the residents claim they are completely comfortable with the complex's policy and pet DNA testing.

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