Friday, May 25, 2012

Party Hearty Cows Crash Kegger

A group of errant beverage-imbibing bovines out looking for a good time had to be rounded up by police after crashing a local kegger party!

It seems the party-crashing cows were running wild in a Boxford, Massachusetts, neighborhood, so locals called the police. The police were quick to arrive on scene and tried to round up the rowdy herbivores. This only frightened the cloven-hoofed beasts, who quickly took off running into a nearby backyard.

Of course, that backyard happened to be hosting a neighborhood beer party. The gallivanting cows with a group of cops in pursuit quickly brought an end to the party atmosphere for the assembled guests, who took off running from the crazy melee.

The cows quickly calmed down, however, and were photographed around the outdoor table, looking as if they were about to chug down some brewskis and play a round of beer pong.

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