Thursday, March 1, 2012

Black Widow Lunch: Spider Eats Giant Snake Caught in Web

"What can I say? This obviously isn't Charlotte's Web..."

Most people don't like spiders. Most people are at least a little afraid of snakes. If you don't like both, then perhaps you should avoid this story!

A receptionist for a an electrical firm in South Africa went to work one morning only to encounter the above horror...a large spider snacking on a much larger snake that was trapped in its deadly web!

The snake is actually a female brown button spider, and is no-where near as lethal as its famous cousin the Black Widow. The lucky spider spent two entire days weaving a web around its prized catch, witnesses say, before diving into perhaps its biggest feast ever. The spider was very protective of its meal, aggressively attacking any flies that began to land upon the dead snake.

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