Sunday, March 18, 2012

UK Government Briefed on Planetary EMERGENCY Involving Wide-Scale Methane Release

BBC News is reporting that members of Great Britain's Parliament were given an emergency briefing this past week over what is being called an imminent "planetary" crisis.

Scientists told UK members of Parliament this week that the possibility of a major methane release triggered by melting Arctic ice definitely constitutes a dire "global emergency". Scientists speculate that the Arctic Sea could be completely ice free for as long as a month by this year or next, due to runaway climate changing conditions. Experts fear this mass melting event could instigate the release of long dormant methane gas fissures frozen beneath the ice shelf into earth's atmosphere.

Scientists from Scotland's Edinburgh University had originally suggested the construction of platforms in the Arctic for pumping seawater sprays into the atmosphere in order to cool the planet, but one member emphatically stated that the situation is currently so grave that the platforms would take too long to construct in order to help reverse the dangerous situation. "I don't think there's time to do the ships for the Arctic now," Professor Salter of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group told Parliament members. Curiously, the Parliamentary meeting took place while UK Prime Minister David Cameron was summoned to the White House for a behind closed doors emergency meeting with US President Barack Obama. This information also comes after NASA announced plans to launch five missiles into Earth's atmosphere from Virginia on Sunday (March 18) evening to "study atmospheric conditions".

Mass methane gas release into Earth's atmosphere is believed to be responsible for the largest Extinction Level Event in our planet's history, the Permian Extinction. Informally known as "The Great Dying", the Permian event was responsible for the death of 90% of all life on Earth, including mammals, reptiles, insects, marine and plant life.

Full story from the BBC. 

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