Friday, March 2, 2012

Mysterious Underwater Plume Taints Honolulu, Hawaii Harbor

Authorities are at a loss to explain just exactly what type of substance is pouring out of a storm drain in Honolulu, Hawaii.

It obviously isn't sewage (there's no smell to the substance), nor is it oil, as there is no residue. Whatever the substance is, it suddenly began rushing out of the storm drain in the early morning hours at an alarming rate, even though there had only been a small amount of rain fall in the area overnight.

In a matter of minutes, the substance had turned the harbor a milky color, which quickly made its way to the ocean, where thousands of people were swimming, surfing and enjoying the idyllic Hawaiian beach. Local residents and tourists alike expressed concern about the mystery substance entering the harbor and ocean, curious to know if the substance was potentially toxic and a danger to the public. Local boaters reported seeing dead fish floating in the water tainted by the plume.

The Hawaii Department of Health has gathered samples of the water emptying into Kewalo Basin and determined that it is fresh water. State officials believe the water is mixing with silt and coral which is producing the white color,  yet the source of the gushing water remains a mystery.

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  1. Hey buddy, are you ok? I hear the storms hit your region very hard. Drop me a quick e-mail to update Madison.


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