Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Eye of the Storm: Surveillance Footage Captures Full Extent of Tornado's Fury

Shocking surveillance camera footage shows the full extent of the F4 tornado that ripped through the small Kentucky town of West Liberty last week.

Randy Risner and his wife Norma rode out the terrifying twister in their West Liberty home, hunkering down in the basement as the storm created a wide path of destruction directly outside their door. The carnage was all filmed by the seven surveillance security cameras Risner had placed around his property. Fortunately, Risner's house survived the incredible onslaught of Mother Nature.

The footage, caught from multiple angles around the home and property, clearly shows the powerful nature of the cyclonic winds, whipping debris into a whirlwind, pulling trees out of the ground by the roots, and doing extensive damage to out buildings on the property as well as to neighboring houses. One camera recorded a transformer exploding on a nearby building, with the winds quickly whipping up a fire, as smoked rolled out of the heavily damaged building.

The powerful tornado was part of a terrifying outbreak of storms, which brought death, devastation and suffering to Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio last week.

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