Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunday Girl? Blondie Singer Debbie Harry Mistaken for Lindsay Lohan

You know things are looking bad for Lindsay Lohan when someone who is forty-years older is mistaken for the troubled actress!

Paparazzi and hangers-on were excited when they spotted a blonde lady pop out of New York's Mercer Hotel, where LiLo was staying while she prepared for her appearance on last week's Saturday Night Live. Only it wasn't the puffy-faced Lindsay, it was 66-year-old pop goddess Debbie Harry, the lead singer of iconic rock group Blondie!

Of course, Linsday was born years after Blondie's prime had come and gone, so I'm not even sure LiLo knows who she is. In Lindsay's defense, Deborah  has benefited from the skills of one heck of a plastic surgeon!

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