Monday, March 12, 2012

Tazed & Confused: Police Officer Suspended for Using Stun Gun on 9-Year-Old

A small town Ohio police officer is on suspension while the entire police force has been shut down after the part-time constable on patrol used a taser stun gun against an unruly 9-year-old boy.

Mount Sterling authorities are tight-lipped over the details, but people in the know claim that officer Mike McCoy responded to a call involving the 9-year-old, when the mother notified the police her child was refusing to attend school. At some point, a confrontation ensued between the child and McCoy, who then allegedly drew out his stun gun and fired upon the boy.

McCoy was placed on a three-day suspension regarding the incident, but allegations that the Chief of Police tried to cover up what took place has lead to a complete shut-down of the police force pending a thorough investigation as to what exactly took place. The police department's weapons and computers have been seized as part of an on-going investigation.

The county police department has stepped in to offer the town, population 2000,  police protection until the situation can be resolved.

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