Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wash With Care: Reporter Tweets Sexist Label on Boyfriend's Trousers

From the Archie Bunker Collection...

A reporter for UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph has stirred up quite an online controversy after she tweeted a picture of a care label with a decidedly sexist message she discovered on her boyfriend's trousers.

London-based reporter Emma Barnett was quite shocked when she discovered the label, which gave routine instructions on how to wash and dry the trousers along with the interesting alternative "Give It To Your Woman...It's Her Job"!

Needless to say, Barnett didn't take too kindly to the rather sad attempt at humor, and she promptly posted a photo to her Twitter feed, using the hashtag #womenriseup. The photo quickly blew-up across the blogosphere, with millions of re-tweets.

The trousers came from upscale British retailer Madhouse, where an official spokesperson quickly placed the blame for the offensive tag on the overseas manufacturer of the trousers. Still, there should have been some quality assurance inspection of the merchandise before it hit the retail outlets!

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