Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boom Boom Boom: Strange Noises Return to Wisconsin Town, Louder & Longer

The strange loud, booming noises that plagued a small town in Wisconsin have returned, and this time they are louder and last longer!

After a lull of four or five days when the noises were not reported, suddenly they returned again yesterday. Residents of Clintonville, Wisconsin, started calling in to emergency services to report the return of the odd, booming sounds, accompanied by shaking earth. Geological experts concluded that the noises, described by witnesses as the sound of loud gunfire or fireworks exploding, were caused by a series of micro-quakes in the area.

As most people in Wisconsin are unaccustomed to experiencing earthquakes, the idea wasn't much of a relief to the residents of the town, especially in light that the booms have returned once again. Many are left with the fear that a major earthquake is brewing, now that the noises have decided to return...louder and longer than before.

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