Friday, March 16, 2012

Stranded: Japanese Tourists Drive into Ocean Due to Malfunctioning GPS

A car carrying three Japanese tourists on vacation in Australia became trapped in the mud after the satellite navigation system they were using neglected to inform them of the span of water between them and their destination, an island off the coast of Queensland!

Seems the intrepid tourists had all the faith in the world that their automobile's GPS system would lead them in the right direction, but they quickly began to suspect something was afoul when the nice, comfortable paved road they were driving on turned into mushy, mangrove mud. The rental car quickly became mired down in the thick, muddy mess, forcing the three Japanese students out of the vehicle to search for help. Unfortunately, the tide began to roll back in, and the car was inundated with water.

Other tourists and passing boats managed to catch an amusing glance of the tiny Hyundai stuck in the ocean, but luckily the three passengers all made it safely back to shore. Insurance will cover the cost of the lost vehicle, but the tourists will have to pay approximately $1500 in taxes and fines.

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