Friday, March 30, 2012

Face for Rent: Students Sell Face Time to Pay Off Debt

Two college students in Great Britain have come up with a novel way to help pay off their debts by renting out their faces as human billboards to advertisers!

Ross Harper and Ed Moyse launched their website in October 2011 as a last ditch effort to pay off their student loan debt, which was a combined total of around $80,000 US. They have since been selling prime real estate on their faces to advertisers willing to pay top dollar/pound/Euro for the opportunity to participate in the unique promotional tactic.

"Companies can literally buy advertising space on our faces. We then paint whatever they’d like: a message or logo onto our faces," Harper told Marketplace. Initially, the charge was a rather meager £1 per day, put now they are charging up to $600 a day.

So, is the plan working? Although the guys admit they are not millionaires quite yet, they have put a dent in their debt, bringing in almost $50,000 in only 180 days! My advice is to have a nice facial massage and cleansing once in a week to keep those mobile billboards fresh and pristine!

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