Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clean Up Your Room, Kid: Teen Finds Winning Lottery Ticket in Messy Bedroom

A teenager in Scotland is glad that he finally relented to cleaning up his bedroom after his mother nagged him about the mess after finding a winning lottery ticket!

19-year-old Ryan Kitching from Midlothian, Scotland, wasn't overly-excited to tackle his messy bedroom, but did so at the urging of his tired, put-upon Mum. The Scottish lad eventually uncovered twelve old lottery tickets buried somewhere beneath the messy pile of dirty underwear and smelly socks. At first, Ryan thought that the tickets weren't any good and he considered tossing them into the rubbish with the other junk he planned on throwing away. On second consideration, an inner-voice told him to take a closer took and check out the numbers. He's delighted he did, as it turns out one of the tickets DID have a winning number, and now he is some $80,000 richer!

"I am totally speechless — it was the happiest day of my life easily. Next time she nags me to tidy my room I won’t need telling twice,” Ryan elatedly told local press.

Kitching plans to use some of his new-found funds to send the 'rents on vacation, as well as helping his baby brother to buy a new set of wheels. He has decided, however, not to use the money to get his own place. " I don’t want to move out just yet. I still get my tea cooked here."

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