Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Rising Tide: Detergent Theft on the Rise

It would seem that thieves really want to take retailers to the cleaners...by stealing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of laundry detergent!

The detergent thieving has become so rampant in some cities that special task forces have been assembled to put a stop to the clean freak thievery. In St. Paul, Minnesota, one particularly talented thief has been accused of stealing more than $25,000 of the suds over the course of a year. Some crooks work in tandem, rounding up a cart full of Tide and rolling it out the emergency exit doors where an accomplice is waiting with the get-away car.

Apparently, there is a growing black market for the detergent, as the cost of the product continues to go higher by the day. With the average cost of a bottle now at over $15 nationwide, thieves are stealing the detergent and illicitly re-selling it on the street, bringing in big bucks. As there are no serial numbers on the bottles, they are impossible to track.

As least we know that America's thieves are clean as the economy continues to sink into the crapper!

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