Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese: Where A Kid Can Be Left Behind by Parents

A three-year-old girl must have thought she was in heaven after her parents neglected to take her home from a kid's birthday party being held at a Chuck E. Cheese's in Hartford, Maryland.

No one realized the child was without a guardian until the little girl became tired of hopping into the enormous pit of balls and noshing on cold slices of drab pizza and asked a grown-up if she could have something to drink. Witnesses at the eatery quickly realized that the little girl was not with any grown-ups. Authorities soon arrived on the scene and an announcement was made on the local evening news about a little girl left alone at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Both of the parents apparently watched the 11 o'clock news broadcast to discover that they had done a "Home Alone" with their precious three-year-old. As it turns out, the parents of the little girl, who are separated, each thought the other had taken the girl home after leaving the restaurant.

Child Protective Services released the little girl named Harmony back to her mother after authorities determined it was all just an unfortunate accident caused by a failure to communicate. No charges are expected to be filed against either parent.


  1. i feel sorry for the little girl she had to be very scared being left there not knowing where her parents were they should have made sure that there child was going with the other group before they left the party and they should of been checking how their child was doing if she was ok by eleven o clock anyways no matter who she was with or where she was

  2. i feel sorry for the little girl she had to be scared being left their with nobody she knows not being thereher parents should of have made sure where their child was gonna and who she was gonna be with before they left they need to be thanking god that she was ok because she could of gotten kidnapped or something and they definitely should been checking on her by 11pm


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