Monday, March 26, 2012

Go Tell It on the Mountain: Thousands Flock to French Mountain for "Safe Haven"

Media has been reporting the odd phenomenon of thousands of people making a pilgrimage of sorts to the French village of Bugarach, where a mountainous peak, shrouded in mystery for hundreds of years, apparently offers safety from "the approaching apocalypse".

The international press has been quick to marginalize the thousands of individuals who have decided to heed an inner voice to come to the limestone Pic de Bugrach, by calling these people "hippies" and "New Agers" in order to make them objects of ridicule. "Hippies"? Seriously, who uses that term in the year 2012? This isn't 1974 folks, as if that wasn't obvious enough.

Recently, a spate of UFO sightings near the limestone mountain peak made the news. There have been rumors for decades that Hitler had a secret compound in the mountain. The mountain also allegedly gave Steven Spielberg the idea for his classic film Close Encounters of the Third Kind after visiting the area in the 1970s.

So, what is bringing these people to the area? There doesn't appear to be any Facebook campaign drawing them. It is a very quiet movement, spreading not so much by social media and text message, but rather by a grass roots, word-of-mouth campaign. Media didn't catch wind of the movement until well after it started, but they didn't waste any time swooping in to quash any beauty there might be within it all. It happened much more simply, how things in life used to take place, so long ago now that it is difficult to even remember. That world seems like a lost, beautiful dream, clouded by the fog of modern technology that robbed us of our humanity, of our ability to think independently, to act on our own instincts and follow what our hearts and minds are telling us to do.Why listen to your heart when Facebook or twitter can tell you what to think, what to do and when to do it?

So, is this a Field of Dreams for the 2012 generation? There is talk of constructing a "Noah's Ark" at the top of the mountain, an oasis for survival, should an approaching Apocalypse descend upon the masses. From where I'm seated, the time does indeed seem to be now. Now it is a matter of if something should happen or if something will not happen for many people, who would apparently miss the point of all this.

For a biased and jaundiced sound bite on the story, you may watch the following video, but remember you do have the ability and right to think independently:

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