Thursday, March 29, 2012

Insanity Airlines: Woman Arrested After Attacking Flight Crew

A passenger on US Airways flight 1697 from Charlotte, North Carolina to Ft. Myers, Florida., had to be restrained and put in hand ties after attacking the flight crew, according to police and airline officials.

The female passenger got out of her seat mid-flight and attacked the crew, kicking them, spitting in their faces and knocking one flight attendant to the cabin floor. Witnesses said that one flight attendant had bruises and bandages as well as noticeable scratch marks on her face and body.

The woman, identified to be Peggy Albedhady-Sanchez of Union City, New Jersey, was removed from the airport by police once the plane arrived. She was observed by medics in the terminal before being taken away. During that time she was screaming and crying. Family members claim that a combination of medication and alcohol consumed during the flight is responsible for the emotional break-down.

The incident comes after a lengthy spate of similar incidences in the once Friendly Skies in the past several weeks, including a JetBlue pilot who went "completely berserk" during a flight this week, in which he broke through a pair of plastic wrist restraints. This also follows another recent incident of a female flight attendant, who announced over the plane's PA system that there was a bomb on the flight, panicking passengers. The flight attendant also had to be forcibly restrained until the flight could make an emergency landing.

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