Monday, March 12, 2012

A Brief History of Big Bang Theory: Stephen Hawking to Make Cameo Appearance on Hit Sitcom

The funny physicists of CBS' juggernaut sitcom The Big Bang Theory will have a legendary guest star when noted scientist Stephen Hawking makes a cameo appearance.

The famed theoretical physicist was finally coerced  convinced to drop in on the mega-hit sitcom and taped his scene this past Friday, where he has a run-in with megalomaniac and all-around odd-duck Sheldon Cooper (portrayed by Emmy-winning actor Jim Parsons).

CBS had issued a standing invitation to Hawking to make an appearance on the series, but was told that the Einstein Award winning physicist was too ill to take part. (Hawking was diagnosed with ASL -Lou Gehrig's disease- while studying at Cambridge University.)

The episode featuring Hawking is set to air on April 5. The show will feature another big name guest star on the March 29th episode when Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy lends his voice to a dream sequence featuring Sheldon.

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  1. This will be too funny. Don't miss April 5th!


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