Saturday, December 17, 2011

Am I Blue? Spanish Town Votes to Stay Blue After Smurf Movie Premiere

A lovely town in Spain that was painted a Smurfy shade of blue as a publicity stunt for the live action/cartoon film this year looks as if it will stay the lovely color as residents vote in a special referendum.

The Andalusian village of Juzcar near the resort town of Malaga was painted the precious hue six months ago to promote the European release of the big screen version of classic cartoon The Smurfs starring How I Met Your Mother actor Neil Patrick Harris. Sony Pictures, who made the film, promised to repaint the quaint Spanish village back to its original "pueblo blanco" white color after the European premiere. However, the town quickly became a tourist Mecca, with more than 100,000 tourists flocking to the Smurftasticly cute hamlet to take photographs in the past six months, boosting the local economy.

Now, a special referendum has been ordered where the town's citizens will vote to decide to keep the new color. They will vote on the measure tomorrow. The mayor of Juzcar, David Fernandez, whom locals have dubbed Papa Smurf, says, "We want the residents to decide the future of the town. There are lots of benefits being had from being blue. It has boosted our local economy, our happiness, our dreams, our work and our employment prospects, and we are also known across the whole of the world."

Just don't let that evil wizard Gargamel find out where your town is located...

La La La La La La La La La La La...

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