Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Satanic Verses Redux: Salman Rushdie Gets Social Media Smack Down

"With that $10 million price still on my head, I have to remember to stop doing controversial things..."

It seems bestselling author Salman Rushdie courts controversy and trouble, wherever he goes!

The 64-year-old author of The Satanic Verses has become embroiled in a social media scandal featuring much-younger reality star and model Devorah Rose. The unlikely pair struck up a friendship on Facebook, with Rushdie waxing romantic over Rose's beautiful attributes, even going so far as to plan a "hook up" while the writer was in New York City, where Devorah resides.

Apparently, Rushdie developed cold feet over maintaining a relationship with the twenty-something model, sending her a "Dear John" letter via Facebook. When journalists got wind of the aborted May-December romance between the two, Rushdie proceeded to deny any claims of a relationship with Rose, telling online media site Page Six that he was "mortified" to be connected with her in any way!

Needless to say, this didn't sit very well with Devorah, who immediately released screencaps of the online conversations she had with Rushdie to various gossip sites, where Rushdie spouted flowery prose festooned with smiley faces! "Never let someone paint you in a negative light," Devorah posted on her Twitter feed regarding the social media smack down. "Not me not today."

Rushdie famously went into hiding during the late-1980s and early-90s after publishing his masterpiece The Satanic Verses when the Supreme Leader of Iran the Ayatollah Khomeini  placed a multimillion dollar price tag on his head, calling for his assassination for the book's irreverent depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

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